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Mon, 9th June 2014, 2:36am (Sun, 8th June 2014, 8:36pm UTC-5)

Fraternal Greetings from Ohio Lodge #1, Wheeling, West Virginia, United States. Very nice site, you have a lot of Informative "tid bits" on here. Hope all is well for the Brethren and their families.

Brian Stromatos WM Elect
Ohio Lodge #1 Wheeling, West Virginia, Unites States

Brian Stromatos

Sun, 18th May 2014, 2:45pm (Sun, 18th May 2014, 2:46pm UTC+1)

Wbro Rohit

Very well presented and information about our lodge it is worth reading.
Lot of hard work done by yourself excellent keep up the good work
Wbro Sunjay Mehta
18th May 2014

Wbro Sunjay Mehta

Thu, 30th May 2013, 6:40pm

Very well presented and information woth reading.

Dinesh Dave

Sun, 12th May 2013, 6:39pm

Worshipful master,and worshipship brethans who had attended my initiation last friday 10/5/2013.
Thank you all for making me welcome and for patient during my ceremony. espacially all the officers who took part, making this ceremony easy for me and guiding me through it sucessfully.

ketan patel